Why become a homecook?

We want you to focus on what you are most passionate about: cooking tasty home-made food!

Our HomeFood APP

You'll get unique access to the smartest home-food delivery APP on the market. You'll get full support from the HomeFood team to start building your online profile so hungry Londoners can buy your tasty food - we take care of the rest for you.

Packaging & Delivery

We provide high-quality packaging that will keep the food hot during transportation. HomeFood's delivery drivers are not only super friendly but they only use scooters and bicycles for quick and efficient delivery across London. 

Personal Feedback 

Once your customers have enjoyed your delicious food, they'll be able to leave personal feedback. It's always nice to receive a compliment to the cook, it makes cooking for hours so much more worth it, right?  

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how does it work?


We have built the best and most fulfilling platform to support all of our HomeCooks:

1. You decide which evenings and times you want to cook your food.

2. You create and have full control over your own recipes and creations. 

3. At 3pm on the day you're cooking, we will tell you how many portions have been ordered so you can prepare just the right amount that's needed.

4. You're able to cook up to 2 different dishes per evening. This will keep it simple for you, your customers, and HomeFood. If you'd like to cook more, simply let us know.

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frequently asked questions

+ What are the requirements to become a HomeCook?

At HomeFood, we work with only the highest quality cooks. To ensure this, all HomeCooks will go through a short vetting process and will register for a food license. We also require our cooks to get a hygiene certificate, all of which we can support you in gaining.

When you sign-up to become a HomeCook we will contact you to schedule a meeting where a HomeFood representative can taste your signature meals, and inform you about the general kitchen requirements. You don’t need to have any formal qualifications or culinary experience – you just need to be passionate about food and know your way around a kitchen.

After you have been confirmed as a HomeCook you will get access to the HomeFood app.

+ How do I get started on the platform?

Once you've been confirmed as a HomeCook, you will be sent a welcome pack via email, which will include a link to download the app along with a tutorial to get you set up and ready. If you get stuck, don't worry, the HomeFood team will be on hand to help you all the way through.

+ What type of food can I cook?

You have full creative freedom when it comes to the food and types of cuisine you want to prepare. However, in the beginning, the food has to be a “main meal” for dinner time. Each portion should be appropriate in size and content to be used as dinner for one person. Other than that, you can choose to cook the same, tried and tested signature dish or try out several different meals – it's completely up to you :)

+ Do I have to provide my own packaging?

We will provide high-quality packaging for you. This includes containers, paper bags, labels and personal note cards.

+ Does HomeFood deliver the food?

Don't worry, we have a delivery partner who is responsible for delivering the food who will collect the meals from you. All you have to do is focus on whipping up a storm in the kitchen, ready for when the drivers arrive.

+ How do i get paid?

We use the globally recognized payment provider Stripe. In order to receive money for your meals you need to create your own Stripe account. We will transfer the money to this account within 7 days of the delivery of the meal. Afterwards you may then withdraw into your own bank account.

Have more questions? See the full FAQ here