Sign-up process

+ What are the requirements to become a HomeCook?

At HomeFood, we want to be associated with high quality home-made meals. To ensure this, all HomeCooks have to go through our vetting process and register for a food license. We also require that our cooks get a hygiene certificate.

When you sign-up to become a HomeCook we will contact you to schedule a meeting where a HomeFood representative can taste one of your signature meals, and inform you about the general kitchen requirements. You don’t need to have any formal qualifications – you just need to be passionate about food and know your way around a kitchen.

After you have been confirmed as a HomeCook we will send you an invitation email with further details on how to start setting up your profile on our APP.

+ How do I register for a food license?

Legally, you are required to obtain a food license from your local food authorities. To read more about that and find the right authorities for your area you can visit link

+ Where can I get a hygiene certificate?

We also require that you get a hygiene certificate. You can take an online course in ~3 hours. This will help ensure that you are fully on top of the food safety requiements. There are several providers out there but you can find one of them here: link

+ What about taxes?

As a HomeCook you will be an independent caterer/food business. As such you will need to register your income with the HMRC. You can find more information on link

Setting up your account

+ How do I get started on the platform?

After receiving your invitation email, you can download our APP and start setting up your account. You will have access to the HomeCook Dashboard, which will keep all the core functionalities at your fingertips.

+ How do I receive the money from the customers?

In order to receive money for your meals you need to set up a Stripe account. During the sign-up process you will be asked to connect your Stripe account with your homecook user. This will enable us to transfer money to you.

Adding a meal

+ What is the process for adding a meal?

After finishing your profile and connecting your Stripe account, you are ready to add your first meal.

+ What type of food can I cook?

You have full creative freedom when it comes to which cuisines you want to prepare. However, in the beginning the food has to be a “main” for dinner. Each portion should be appropriate in size and content to be used as dinner for one person. Other than that, you can choose to cook the same signature dish, or try out several different meals – completely up to you :)

+ How many portions should I cook?

You decide how many portions you want to cook, and you can monitor the #sold portions through the APP and adjust as you get closer to the day.

+ How often do I need to cook?

That is up to you! If you want to build a loyal following, it could make sense to find some regular days you always cook, but this is not a requirement.

Order process

+ When is the order deadline?

The standard order deadline is 2PM on the day of delivery.

+ Is there a minimum # of orders before I have to cook?

There is no minimum. If you have confirmed a customer and received money we would expect you to cook :)

+ Do I have to provide my own packaging?

We will provide a starter kit for you. This will include our containers, bags, labels, and personal note cards. Before your first meal we will schedule a time, we can stop by your home with this.

+ Does HomeFood deliver the food?

HomeFood can definitely be delivered. We have a delivery partner who is responsible for delivering the food – but you don’t have to worry about that, we will send you all the information you need.

+ When will the delivery driver arrive?

The delivery drivers will arrive at your place 0-15 min. before the delivery window starts (e.g. if the delivery window is 6.30-7.15 PM, the drivers will arrive between 6.15-6.30 PM). You can track the driver through the APP.

+ When should I start packing the food in boxes?

You can track the drivers and know exactly when they are arriving. We suggest that you wait until they are at your door before putting the food into the boxes – in this way the food will stay hot for the customers!

+ How do I get feedback?

Customers can give you feedback through the APP after the meal.

+ What happens if the customer cancels?

If the customer cancels, we will make sure you still get paid for the food. We do however ask for a bit of flexibility in the beginning - we all want the customers coming back for more another time - so sometimes we will ask you to give the customer a voucher for a meal on another date instead.

+ What happens if I cancel the meal?

We understand that emergencies can happen, and in case you decide that it is not possible for you to cook we will refund the customers. In this case, we will ask you to transfer the money from the customers back to HomeFood.

Payment and pricing

+ Who sets the price of the meal?

The price for all meals will be £7.99.

+ How much will I earn per meal?

You will receive £6 per portion you sell less transaction costs. The remaining £1.99 is a service fee we charge to be able to cover marketing, delivery, product development etc.

+ Do I have to pay HomeFood for being on the platform?

It is free to be on the platform. We do however, charge £1.99 per portion as a service fee. This will help us cover delivery, marketing, product development etc.