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Lots of you have been lucky enough to explore some amazing parts of the world and experienced tongue- tantalising, authentic food cooked by people who are truly passionate about what they do.

We all know, the very best food can bring people together, provoke memories and even remind us of old traditions. Unfortunately, too many of us are stuck with delivery services providing bad customer experiences with unhealthy and processed food prepared in an industrial kitchen without the love and soul it deserves.

When HomeFood's founder, Jacob was living in São Paulo in 2016, this problem became evermore clear. Sitting, hungry in a taxi, he spotted an authentic Brazilian cook selling her home-made food on the street, he felt like jumping out to grab some of her food. Instead, Jacob ended up with bad take-away food, as usual!

This was the beginning of HomeFood....

HomeFood is an online platform and community, where experienced and passionate home cooks, can sell their signature dishes to hungry Londoners. We want to inspire a movement towards good, fresh, nutritious home-made food. We do this by giving our cooks the best platform to express their talents by marketing their home-made authentic meals to customers starving for alternatives to standard take-aways.


Meet Our Team

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Jacob Opstrup

Jacob cooked up the idea for HomeFood in 2016 while living in Brazil and experiencing their tasteful, authentic cuisine. He is certain that he has the coolest job in the world and loves meeting our cooks. If Jacob didn’t break his knee in 3 places, he’d have been a professional footballer.

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Kristian Hald

Kristian has a background in business and food. He spent the last 5 years with The Boston Consulting Group, where he worked for several food retailers around the world. He is super excited about providing an option to get healthy home-made food just as easy as regular take-out. 

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Jade Morand

Jade works on all things marketing at HomeFood. She loves trying new food, but her favourite dish is soft shell crab. Her claim to fame is that she used to be a semi-pro dancer filming videos with Sean Paul, Dizzie Rascal and also performing for the Queen at the Royal Variety Show.

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Kim Thomsen

Kim is on point for technology at HomeFood which includes making sure our app is state-of-the-art! In his spare time Kim is an avid sailor and has his own boat. 

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Jonas Vigkilde

Jonas is our in-house cook. He has a great interest in making cooking a fun and educational experience. He has previously worked at a number of restaurants in Italy and Denmark, and has ran two health promotion kitchen courses in Denmark – 'Dad´s Kitchenschool' and “Granny Foodlab” for the Heart Foundation.


Ruby Andrews

Ruby takes care of all things creative at HomeFood, including the production of content for our app and social media. Ruby is also the port of call for all of our HomeChef partnerships. Despite being able to try new HomeChefs’ food everyday, Ruby’s favourite food will always be her Mum’s! Ruby has a Blue Peter badge.


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