We want to provide everyone with the opportunity for a great authentic home-cooked meal conveniently delivered to their home! Food simply taste better when cooked with love by passionate people!




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+ What is HomeFood?

We're an online marketplace for home-cooked food. We allow you to buy authentic home-cooked food from HomeCooks in your neighborhood and we deliver the food to your doorstep.

+ How does it work?

Type your address in the search field and start browsing our selection of home cooked meals. Once you have found your meal, make the order online and wait for the food to arrive at your doorstep.

+ Which cooks can I order from?

You can order from cooks that are less than 2.5 miles away from your house. This is to ensure we can deliver a good quality hot meal.

+ What is the order deadline?

The latest order is at 2pm on the specific day. We recommend you to order 1-2 days in advance to ensure that the food is available, as we realize the demand for home-cooked food is extremely high. And don’t worry about ordering early, we have a cancellation system that allows you to cancel free-of-charge until 10am on the specific day.

+ Can I cancel the order and what is your refund policy?

You can cancel your order until 10am on the specific day, and it is free-of-charge. Upon cancellation, we give you a voucher of equivalent value, which you can use for home-cooked meals on any other day.

+ How are HomeCooks vetted?

All verified HomeCooks have completed a HomeFood tasting and house tour, received a food license from the local authorities, and passed an official hygiene test. For more information around the requirements to become a HomeCook see “How to become a HomeCook”.

+ How do I pay?

You pay online using your credit card, debit card, or your paypal account. We use PayPal as our secure provider to make sure your information is always safe.

+ How will I know when the food arrives?

Around 30 min before arrival you receive a tracker via text/WhatsApp/mail that allows you to track the delivery of your food. In this tracker, you can also see contact details of the driver who will deliver the food to your doorstep.

+ How can I hear about upcoming meals?

Sign up on our platform! … and like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HomeFoodUK/

+ I'm having issues ordering a meal

We are sorry to hear that! Please send us an email at support@homefood.uk or call us at 07864 827258.

+ What if I was not satisfied with the meal?

We are sorry to hear that! Please send us an email at support@homefood.uk or call us at 07864 827258. Also, please use the review function to indicate what went wrong.

+ I am having issues with the website

We are sorry to hear that! Please send us an email at support@homefood.uk or call us at 07864 827258.

+ I'm a writer. I'd like to write about you!

Amazing, just send us an email at support@homefood.uk.

+ I have dietary restrictions – how can I clarify what's in the food?

We encourage cooks to list all allergens in the meal listing, but if you have specific questions about the food you can always contact us at support@homefood.uk.